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My name is Nathan Williams but I am better known in the online poker world as "BlackRain79"

I have some of the highest winnings in online poker history in the lower stakes poker games. I am also a three-time best selling poker author:

1. "Crushing the Microstakes"
2. "Modern Small Stakes"
3. "The Micro Stakes Playbook"

Lastly, I am also the founder of the #1 small stakes poker strategy blog in the world,

That is where you will also find my popular free poker "cheat sheet".

My goal with this Youtube channel is to teach you how to start consistently winning big in small stakes poker games.

I release new videos every single week.

So make sure you are SUBSCRIBED so that you never miss my latest videos!

All the best at the poker tables,

Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams


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Professional Poker Player, 3-time Best selling poker author, Small Stakes Expert

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