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If you've just dropped by, I'm Ellie! I love all things cute, tiny, clever and crafty and I have a massive Lego obsession. Thankfully I can call myself a collector (and an adult fan of Lego - an AFOL) which actually sounds quite professional and full of geeky official-ness. Phew.

Lego is an artistic medium and no matter your building expertise there is something here for everyone. Stick around and I'll build, review new sets, create my own customs (MOCs) and paint stuff. I tend to geek out about new pieces, get excited about learning new and interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. I'm easily distracted so things can get a bit hectic, but I'm sure you're down for that.

If you'd like to own a cool ellieV t-shirt and other cute stuff you can now buy it here!

ellieV has official Twitter, Google+, Facebook and instagram pages (see links below). Please stop by and say hello!


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