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The Benefits

Acceptance Rate


The portion of our clients that are accepted to their top 3 dream schools with 95% of clients accepted to their top 5 desired school.

Networking Potential


Percentage of mentees that have changed roles due to networking opportunities presented to them via our services.

Financial Gains


Portion of employees who enrolled in our mentoring program had a salary-grade change, compared to only 5% of workers who did not participate.

Career Advancement


Our mentees are promoted 5 times more often than employees without mentors. Our mentors themselves are 6 times more likely to be promoted.

Increased Confidence


Percentage of mentors and mentees that feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

Job Satisfaction


Portion of our mentees that claimed greater job satisfaction as the result of our mentoring services

Most popular categories

Choose from a broad range of skills


Hip Hop, Jazz, classical dance, and more


Best ways to stay fit and healthy from top trainers.


Top travel destinations from avid explorers.

Live Abroad

Learn how to live like a local anywhere in the world.

Home Renovations

Tips to enhance the comfort and value of your home

Make Up

Beautify yourself with the latest styles and techniques.


Find the latest fashion trends around the world.

Master new skills

and hobbies

Discover and connect with top creatives, experts, and hobbyists

Improve your wellness

Choose from a broad range of skills


Tips from fellow parents on how to care for your child.

Self Improvement

Techniques and habits to refine your everyday life.

Mental Health

Overcome depression and anxiety in a stressful world.


Exotic recipes from around the world from great chefs.


Healthy and decadent snacks from top bakers.

Try new entertainments

Choose from a broad range of skills


Get detailed guidance on the latest gadgets.


Learn tricks of the trade from the best magicians.


Develop your comedic style and presence.

Card Games

Learn new games and strategies on winning.

Children's Toys

Choose the best toys for your child's development.

Video Games

Link up with gamers to develop new strategies.

Express yourself artistically

Choose from a broad range of skills

Fine Arts

Express yourself to the world through the arts.

Performing Arts

Acting lessons from top experts and coaches.

Musical Instruments

Instrument selection and lessons from experts.


Imaging, lighting, cameras and editing techniques

Video Production

Planning, setup, filming, editing and promotion.

Enjoy recreational hobbies

Choose from a broad range of skills

Martial Arts

Learn from the best martial artists across disciplines.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy nature and conquer new challenges.


Make new products from your own home.


Cycling tips, the best tracks, and bike recommendations.

DIY Repairs

Save money by doing your own repairs.

Expand your knowledge

Choose from a broad range of skills


Decipher the world's prevailing religions.


Lessons on the past from top historians.


New languages from great instructors and tutors.


Learn about the latest investment products.


Learn scientific concepts with interactive lessons.


Enhance your math skills with lessons from top teachers.

Learn from professionals

Choose from a broad range of skills


Career and school selection, and application assistance.

Computer Science

Coding tips and lessons from expert coders.


Career and life insights from seasoned engineers.


Experienced Banking and Investment professionals


Health tips and guidance from medical professionals.


Guidance and insights from experienced lawyers.

Need help finding an expert?

Connect with us and we will match you with the right person.

Master new skills

and hobbies

Discover and connect with top creatives, experts, and hobbyists

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